The Del Norte Chamber of Commerce has created a voluntary one-percent donation program in the form of a Fee, not a tax (for Del Norte Retail Businesses to participate in) to benefit the DNCC's efforts to better the town of Del Norte.


An additional 1% Fee is automatically added to the pretax retail and or food/beverage bill at participating Del Norte businesses and patrons can opt out if they wish. The 1% collected by the business is then passed to the DNCC to be earmarked for special projects for public improvements within the Town of Del Norte.


Is it mandatory?

Absolutely not!  The 1% Fee is voluntary and any patron can opt out if they wish.

Participation in the 1% program by businesses is also completely voluntary.

Is it a tax?

The 1% Fee is specifically a fee and NOT a tax; therefore it becomes a

part of the overall cost of the sale/service and is subject to sales tax.


The 1% Fee and regular sales tax must be separately stated on the sales receipt.

What does this fee support?

The 1% Fee is established to pay for the public improvements related to the Del Norte Chamber of Commerce for existing and upcoming improvement projects.


Examples of the public improvements the DNCC is currently focusing on are:

  • New town signage to replace the aging three signs welcoming visitors to the town of Del Norte

  • Public curb, gutter, side walk and street lighting projects for the downtown corridor (in conjunction with the Town of Del Norte)

  • Collaboration with Del Norte Trails Organization (DNTO) for local open space & trails promotion

  • Project maintenance and care for the Caboose