How to Participate


If you would like to donate to 1% For a Better Del Norte the best and easiest way is to visit one of the participating businesses. Your purchase at their establishment gives you the opportunity to give back to this place with a voluntary donation. 1% For a Better Del Norte businesses post signs in their storefront windows so you may find them easily.


The first thing to know about participating as a business in 1% For a Better Del Norte is that it is free and easy. Once set up, participation often takes no more time than writing a check.

Most businesses collect a 1% voluntary donation on every sale they conduct. This is the preferred method. However, with the variety of businesses in the area sometimes special collection methods are needed. These include such things as personal donations with businesses such as real estate agencies, flat donations for services such as massage therapists, and partial collections for contractors who offer both products and services.


We are willing to work with any scenario. If you want to participate, we will work with you to find a reasonable solution for both parties if the typical collection method does not work for you.

All participants, no matter the format in which they collect, must sign a contract where a payment schedule is established.

In the contract you will select how often you want to remit donations. Monthly seems like the easiest and best schedule for most businesses. However, we also offer quarterly options and seasonal options for those businesses not open year-round.

You can find the contract and other supporting materials HERE.

Additional Information for Businesses

Set up

We work to support you as much as possible in the set up of 1% with you business. In each of the steps below we can provide assistance, should you need it. Please indicate these preferences in the spaces provided on your contract.

  • It is helpful as a means of communication with your customer to add a line item that appears on the receipt indicating to the customer that a 1% voluntary donation is being collected.

  • For businesses who invoice we may provide a sample invoice for you as a model.

  • We also may provide assistance with writing verbiage for your website, brochure, flyers, invoices, forms and other media to indicate your participation and your customer’s choices.

  • Several of our board members are participants in the program. They are available should you have any questions.

  • Likewise, we can put you in touch with similar participating businesses if you would like to ask them questions or ask them about their experience in the program.

  • Educating your staff about the program is important. Often, they are the ones interacting directly with the customer. We may provide a “Fact Sheet for Employees” to post for them. Additionally, a Chamber Director can come for individualized trainings and education with your staff.

  • You are required to provide two forms of notification to your customers about your participation in the program. We provide a variety of sign styles and sizes for this purpose.


Working with the customer

  • You are not expected to explain the program to each customer at each transaction. The two posted signs serve as notification of your participation in the program.

  • Your notifications should explain that their participation through donations to the program is entirely voluntary.

  • If a customer does not wish to make the donation, it is the business’ responsibility to take the 1% donation off of their bill. This rarely happens.

  • Since this is a donation, no sales tax is due on the contribution.

  • If a customer has a question you can’t answer, please ask them to contact the Chamber directly.


Tax deductions

  • The customer is making the donation and it is tax deductible for them.

  • If the business is not collecting the 1% from the customer, but making a 1% donation, then the business is entitled to the deduction.


Sending collections

  • 1% does not provide a notification when your donations are due. We can, however, supply remittance envelopes if desired. Please indicate this on your contract.

  • You will be notified through a system of letters if your donations are late as indicated by your payment schedule.

  • The amount of donations from each business will be kept strictly confidential.

If you would like to set up an appointment to speak with a Chamber Director about participating in 1% For a Better Del Norte with your business, please contact us at